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Rabbit Hole Reality is a Virtual Reality Arcade located in Salem, Oregon. A Virtual Reality Arcade is much like the classic arcades of the ‘80’s but instead of standing at a cabinet looking at a screen, you wear a headset that whisks you way to other worlds in almost complete immersion. Customers can choose either a Virtual Reality game or a Virtual Reality experience using one of our HTC Vive systems. We offer over 40 different Virtual Reality titles to choose from. Rabbit Hole Reality does party rentals too. We can either show up at your location or you and your guests can come to our location. The rental includes two headsets and access to our full library of Virtual Reality titles. For more information or to schedule an event, email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

What is virtual reality (VR)?

Virtual reality (VR), is an immersive multimedia or computer-simulated reality, that allows the user to interact in that world.

How do we play?

Our staff will help you into one of our HTC Vive headsets and guide you through get the equipment fitted so that it is comfortable for you. After you're in the gear, you are in control of your experience. You pay for time, not per game which allows you to switch to a different game at any time.

Will I get motion sick?

While some people experience motion sickness, it is not common. Our staff members will be close by while you are playing to ensure your safety.

Is it safe?

YES! We pride ourselves on making sure you have the best experience possible. We disinfect the headset, controllers and every part of the system that touches the human body before we open each day and after you're done using it. New technologies have advanced far beyond CRT TV's, your vision is safe with us.

Is there an age limit?

A minimum age of 6 is required to play.

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 Rabbit Hole Reality

4:30 pm - 9 pm


 Rabbit Hole Reality

4:30 pm - 9 pm


 Rabbit Hole Reality

4:30 pm - 10 pm


 Rabbit Hole Reality

11 am - 10 pm


Virtual Reality arcade game time

10 minutes


Virtual Reality arcade game time

20 minutes


Virtual Reality arcade game time

30 minutes


Virtual Reality arcade game time

60 minutes


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